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ABOUT - Resilience

  • My approach to resilience training is informed by Positive Psychiatry.

  • Positive Psychiatry is a new branch of Psychiatry focused on the study of the neurobiology of resilience and sharing that knowledge to promote mental and physical health and wellness.

Foundations of Positive Psychiatry include:


We are biologically programmed to be well.


We can change our physiology through the choices we make and the actions we take.


By making this information user-friendly and accessible to clinicians, allied health professionals, and the general public, we can improve health outcomes.


  • Resilience training is intended to be seamlessly integrated with other theoretical approaches.
    In my clinician workshops, I teach Integrated Positive Psychiatry primarily in the context of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and an Emotion Focused Therapy model.

  • In order to enhance productivity and reduce rates of disability and absenteeism in the workplace, I tailor organizational workshops based on the client’s needs. Integrated resilience training in the workplace fosters a culture of mental & physical health which promotes wellness and collaboration.

  • Resilience training creates a common language around mental health, empowering individuals and organizations to ask for, and act on, what they need to be well. It is founded in research and offers practical ways to translate theory into practice.


For more information, contact Dr. E. A. Wilson


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