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As both a counsellor and an educator, I have found these workshops on integrated Acceptance & Commitment Therapy to be invaluable.  I was immediately able to apply the concepts and practices to help my clients.


I have had the good fortune of attending four workshops presented by Dr E.A. Wilson over the past two years.  What Dr Wilson teaches about helping clients clarify values, defuse from unrealistic and unhealthy thinking, and develop a new relationship with their own thoughts is highly effective in empowering clients to move forward.  Her approach is evidence-based, strengths-based, and incorporates much of our current understanding of positive psychology.


I particularly appreciated that this approach goes well beyond focusing on “what’s wrong” for the client; rather, it encourages personal growth and allows room in the therapeutic process for the whole person, not just the presenting problem.


As a speaker, Dr Wilson has a highly engaging presentation style in which she shares insights from her clinical experience, allows time for reflection and practice activities, and draws on the work of other experts in the field.

She brings a high level of clarity to the clinical theory she discusses, and does so in language that I was able to use with clients.  Her workshops have helped me better understand the important role of mindfulness, not only in my professional practice as a counsellor but also in my own life.

The time I invested in Dr Wilson’s workshops has improved my skills as a counsellor; I highly recommend her workshops to other professionals who wish to build their clinical skills with affirming, realistic, and empowering practice.

Peter T. Smith, CD, MA, MEd, LCT, CCC

Director of Education Support Services


For more information, contact Dr. E. A. Wilson

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